Thoi Duong

Dear Home Buyers and Sellers-

If you are looking to get the right services for buying or selling a house, you need not to look further.  Joanne Martin and her team make the best at your service.  The Martin Team not only provided honest services but also maximized our savings and worked hard to make make us the best deal on our house and our mortgage.  The Martin Team has made my 'American Dream' come true to own a nice beautiful home at a very affordable cost.  Joanne and her team care and take any concerns that you may have and ensures your understanding of all the processes in buying or selling a home.  Good luck to getting a dream house or selling your house at the right price! Joanne will do the best job for you.

- Thoi Duong

Rita Lui and Markus Hoerler

Hi Joanne,

When we decided to sell our house and move overseas in two months, we knew we didn't want
the showing of the house to interfere with our move. We didn't want our house listed
until we had moved. We were wary of finding a real estate agent who could be our proxy
and take care of things for us after we left the area.

Thanks to our good friend who recommended you. You have given us good advice on how to
improve the marketability of the house. You were aware of our time constraints and always
came prepared even on a short notice. Most of all, you have been very competent. The
vendor you recommended did a great job with all the inspection items and accommodated our
last minute requests. After we left the area, you coordinated all the vendors and made
sure the house would be shown in the most favorable light. You negotiated a great price
on our behalf for the unexpected work on the kitchen tiles and the grout. You always kept
us informed of the vendor's work and later the progress on the buyer's side after we
accepted the offer. To relieve our work load, you even called the utilities companies on
our behalf to terminate the services after the house was closed.

We could not have wished for a better real estate agent. Your knowledge of the market,
your attention to detail, your most excellent communication skills, and your hard work
have made the sale of our house amid our chaotic international move a breeze.

Thank you! Thank you!

Rita & Markus

Jen and Steve Rhoton- Raleigh

Joanne- you were fabulous, you took us under your wing and guided us through our first home buying experience.  You did not push or pressure us in any way.  You spent hours getting to know us and our hopes and dreams.  There was never a moment we doubted you or your capabilities.  You always had our best interests in mind and continuously looked out for us. 

We are so thankful to have found you and truly appreciate everything you have done for us.  Even though we settled you exceeded our expectations and continue to do so. 

You are such a thoughtful and considerate person.  You carry that through to everything that you do.  We really feel like you're part of our family here in NC!


Heather McEwen- Canada

"I was a first time home seller that would be out of the country for the entire process of selling my home. Not only was Joanne Martin willing to take on this enormous challenge, she truly appreciated the opportunity to add to her extensive knowledge base by working with an international client. And Joanne worked tirelessly--attending to cross border details, researching the marketplace, providing tips for showings, and negotiating with potential buyers and bankers. Al Martin was equally adept with his attention to inspection and building code details. He is just as personable and capable working behind the scenes, as he is representing your best interests at the negotiating table. Joanne knows home is where the heart is whether you are buying or selling. While one does not always have neighbors for life in today's mobile world, one can't help but be attracted to her warmth as a person and a friend, and respect her professionalism, honesty and integrity. After all is said and done, you always know where the welcome mat is--at any time and from anywhere. Joanne Martin is your best guarantee to complete satisfaction." The Martins are a dynamic team willing to go the distance it takes to get you the most desirable result."

Cindy Freyman - Cary

Joanne: I gave you exactly what I wanted and you amazingly found the perfect home. It's as if you went into my my mind and came up with a visual of what I wanted and then you found it! You made the whole experience so easy in hind site. You delivered what you promised and couldn't have tried any harder. Thanks for making the whole experience fantastic and being flexible with your schedule.

Bill Marriott

As told to Broker Agent Magazine.... "Joanne is very good at what she does.  What I liked about working with Joanne was that she told me all about the city, and she asked me about my work and my interests, he recalls.  She took time to understand me, to learn what I was looking for, and then she showed me the areas that met my needs.  The process was an enjoyable one."  Happily settled in his home, Bill still holds positive memories of what is all too often a highly stressful and exasperating experience.

Nancy, Dan, Ben & Rae Galligan

Mom, Dad, Dan & I wanted to give you this gift certificate to Carly's as a token of our sincere appreciation. You have been a joy to work with and have made some tough situations much more tolerable. It has been wonderful to get to know you and Al. Please enjoy some cosmos together on us!

Lindsey Greene- Apex

Joanne and Al - you were magnificent to work with. We will recommend you time and time again. Thank you!

Bruce W.

Joanne - Dale came by today to look at the tub and had someone paint the spot on the house. I'm writing to say "Thank You" for all you have done and continue to do. I'm very inexperienced in the dealings of a new house and when we purchased the house, I didn't think we would hear from you again. (For example, car sales representatives). I was wrong. Thank you for all the follow-ups, welcome card, blockbuster/popcorn gift card and most of all, for your outstanding service......

Billy & Julie

Thank you so much for EVERYTHING that you've done for us! You really made our first impressions of North Carolina wonderful! We really appreciate all that you've done to help us adjust and thank you for finding us our dream home.

Joe and Bonnie Drust

We just purchased house #10 & our real estate agent, Joanne Martin, was with us every step of the way.  From contract negotiations to closing: Joanne was there with her vast professional knowledge, ethical integrity, trustworthiness, dependability, availability, negotiating strength, foresight, commitment & mediation intervention.  Working with builders isn't easy & Joanne created a positive working relationship with the builder & his agent.  We were in another state & could not always get there to check on the stage of construction.  Joanne went the extra mile & was there in our place.  We trusted her.  She referred us to excellent professionals to assist with our loan, inspections & insurance, etc.  Joanne advised & suggested, offered choices, but never forced a decision on us.  When problems arose, Joanne solved them with her expertise.  Joanne was with us through the entire transaction.  We could call her day or night.  She looked out for our best interests, protected us & made our transaction a "Win Win" situation!  We would definitely recommend her!  Thank you, Joanne, for being there.  ~ Bonnie and Joe Drust - Pittsboro.

Mark & Randi Stephens

Joanne -  I wanted to take a moment now that things have settled down since the move and sale of our home on Ridge Lake in Apex.  I wanted to thank you, Joanne, for taking on the sale of our home given the circumstances with which you were presented with our initial agent and bad experience.  Given what I consider the complexity of the sale with permitting, negotiations, etc. there is no doubt in my mind that our successful closing and negotiations are the direct result of your abilities, dedication and insight.  You were key to managing the expectations and requests of both the buyer's agent and buyer, as well as the nervous-wreck seller.  Keller Williams should be proud to have you on their team.  Although there are unique and inherent stressors with the sale and purchase of any home, you walked us through the final phase with ease and in a professional, calm and collected manner that deserves both respect and admiration.  As I look down the road at purchasing another home in the next year or two, you will be the person I will call to be a buyer's agent.  Thanks again and take care.  ~ Mark & Randi Stephens.

Roxann Biondi

Joanne- I am sorry to take so long to drop you a note—I kept saying to myself “I’ll do it when I have time and things quiet down…”…well, you know how that goes—I’m newly married, I have a son living under my feet—I work a full time job—so…I rarely have time and things are never really quiet!!! 
Anyways—I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate the friendship and professionalism you extended throughout the whole process of my short sale with Bank of America.  You took a seemingly impossible situation, and with your integrity, humor, work ethic, and constant knowledge seeking personality (not sure how to word that, but you know what I mean!), you took the process from start to finish, and in my opinion, finished with flying colors.  Never once did I feel like I was floundering, nor did I ever wonder “what is Joanne doing!!!”….you kept me in the loop at all times by returning my calls personally or responding to an email I shot off—answering all of my questions patiently, (no matter HOW many times I asked the same ones, just rephrased!).  You treated me with respect and made me feel like I was not in the process alone.  I feel like you used any and every resource you had at your disposal to get this sale to the closing table.  Keller Williams is blessed to have you as one of their own!
Joanne, I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone!  Thank you for your dedication and your friendship during this process and beyond!  Looking forward to seeing you and Al @ church…
Praying you always have peace and health and many happy closings!!!!
~Roxann Biondi